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Pest Control and Termite Control in Gulfport

Bug Pro Pest Control Gulfport is your local pest and termite control company of choice. Call 228-236-5676 now to schedule an appointment or quote.

Our friendly Pest Control technicians will go out of their way to solve your pest problem. Whether your having a problem with termites, roaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, rats, mice, rodents (general pests), we are your local pest control company of choice. We are Mississippi State licensed, insured and bonded to work in Gulfport. Our technicians are state licensed in Mississippi.

We exterminate crazy ants, roof rats, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, termites, drywood termites, subterranean termites, bed bugs, fleas and much more. The Cost of Pest Control and Termite Control in the Gulfport area depends on the severity of the pest problem and the frequency at which your local pest control company stops by to treat your home. German Roaches and a few other species of roach will require multiple visits. Fleas and Bed Bugs alike usually require more that one visit to your home. The best way to get an accurate pest control quote is to call our local office and a technician will give you a free estimate. Our Common services in Gulfport MS are Termite Inspections, Pest Control, Rat Control, Spider extermination, Flea Control, Ant Control, Bed Bug Extermination, and much more.

Gulfport is situated along the coast of Mississippi which along with the high humidity makes it a prime spot for Termites and Pests. Termites usually swarm a couple of times a year. Termite Control is a necessity in our area due to this. There are a couple of types of termite control including spot treatments, liquid termite treatments and bait stations. We also offer Termite Inspections, Pest Inspections, WDIR inspections, and pretreats. There are a few types of termites that we watch closely. Formosan and Eastern Subterranean Termites are especially bad in our area along with Drywood Termites. Our perimeter liquid termite treatments along with our bait stations will exterminate those pesky termites. Sometimes a wall foam injection is needed along with other measure to exterminate termites.

Why Use Our Pest Control Services?

Whether you are seeing swarming termites flying around the lights outside, need a closing inspection, see active termite infestations, or just a minor problem, we are state licensed, insured and bonded to handle any level of termite or pest infestation. BENEFITS OF USING BUGPRO: State Licensed and Bonded – General Liability and Workers Compensation – Locally owned and Operated

We also offer the following services in Gulfport:

Termite Control is an important part of living in the South. Swarming Termites remind us of that a few times a year around here. Make sure your home is protected today.

Living on the Gulf Coast is very nice, and the Pests love it too. Let one of our State Licensed technicians protect your home from these unwanted pests today.

Want to be able to enjoy your backyard in peace? Bugpro will treat your yard for these pesky bloodsuckers without draining your wallet.

You love your home! Unfortunately, so do rodents. Our team of professionals would be happy to free you from this ratty problem.