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Eastern Subterranean Termites

Eastern Subterranean termites live in the soil and build large nests. They connect to food sources by building mud tubes, which protect them from the air. They feed on wood and other cellulose material. Eastern Subterranean termites are extremely destructive, with colonies numbering up to two million members.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites also live in the soil although they do not require direct contact with the soil. They can also live in “carton” nests that they make from chewed wood, saliva, and fecal matter. This carton helps retain moisture in the nest. Formosan termite colonies are much larger than Eastern Subterranean colonies and can cause damage at a much faster rate.


Drywood termites live inside of wood instead of the ground. Their colonies are smaller than the Eastern Subterranean termite colonies and are typically confined to a small area. One of the most tell-tale signs of a Drywood termite infestation is the presence of “frass”, which is their fecal matter. It is in the form of a hexagonal shaped pellet about 1 millimeter long. They push the pellets through small kick-out holes.

Drywood Termites

Detection and isolation of the Drywood Galleries are very important aspects of dealing with Drywood Termites. Once the active Drywood Termites are isolated, and injection treatment, or wood treatment is used to eliminate all active Termites.

Having a problem with Drywood Termites? Need a Drywood Termite Treatment but don’t want to vacate your home or business for fumigation? Let us provide you with a Drywood Termite Treatment with guaranteed results. We are a Top Rated, Drywood Termite Control Company. Our goal is to rid your home of Drywood termites without fumigation. Fumigation is a dangerous process that puts you out of your home for serveral days.

Drywood Termite infestations are becoming a common occurrence in the gulf south. BugPro Pest Control and Termite Control offers Drywood Termite Treatment without having to tent, fumigate or vacate your home. We use advanced detection and treatment methods that target the drywood termite colonies. Our Drywood Treatments are the safest available and come with a termite free guarantee. We inject wall voids with foam to reach the inaccessible Drywood termites.



BugPro Can Help with our Termite Control Services

If you are in need of a termite treatment, we offer a Bait System, Liquid Treatment, or a service of both. The Bait System is the most effective and ECO friendly, but at times a Liquid treatment is necessary.

Termite Liquid Treat

A liquid chemical barrier is applied around your home, giving you peace of mind that those pesky termites will be exterminated.

Termite Inspections

A thorough inspection of your current or prospective home is provided to you and your lending institution.

Termite Pretreats

This treatment is required prior to construction of a new home.

Termite Bait Stations

Termite detection stations are placed around your home that detect termite activity. Once detected, a bait is introduced, exterminating those wood destroying termites. This is the least evasive, eco-friendly termite treatment. A liquid termite treatment is available with this service also.

Wood Borate Treatments

Wood Borate Treatments is an alternative for fumigation. Termite Fumigation is usually very expensive and you must evacuate your home for treatment. Not to mention the Fumigant is deadly to humans.

Foam Injection

Injection of Foam Termiticide into infested areas inside wall voids.


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This is an example of what terminates can be doing to your home behind the scenes. This can be expensive and may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance! Termite damage is often hidden from sight. These pests can wreak havoc on your home before you even realize they are there.


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