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Pest Control Pass Christian

Pest Control Pass Christian

Thank you for considering your local exterminator BugPro Pass Christian as your Pest Control / Termite Control Company. BugPro Pest Control Pass Christian is a Locally owned and operated, licensed and insured Pest Control Company with over 40 years of combined experience. We are called by many names like: Bugman, Local Exterminator, Pest Control Company and Bug Control Company. Whatever you choose to call us, let BugPro be your local company of choice. We have over 40 years of combined experience. We also have a Board Certified Entomologist on staff to assist with Pest Identification and Extermination.

Pest Control Pass Christian

Here are some of the more common pests that we handle on a day by day basis: Carpenter Ants – German Roaches – Common Roaches – Brown Banded Cockroaches – Mice – Rats – Bed Bugs – Fleas – Termites – Bugs (common)  – Spiders. Pest Control is knowledge and identification of the Pest and the implementation of extermination procedures. Our Extermination procedure can range from an extensive crack and crevice and baiting treatment for roaches, rats and mice to our 10 step pest prevention system. Our extermination procedure will depend on how bad your pest problem is. We will access the situation, then recommend the pest extermination solution.

Pest Control Cost: The cost of pest control depends greatly upon the situation and how bad the pest problem is. There are many treatment options. Some of the treatment options are: One Time Treatment – Quarterly Pest Control – Monthly Pest Control – Bi-monthly Pest Control. Prices start at $69.00 for a basic pest control spray. Call our office today for an accurate pest control/extermination quote.

One of our popular pest control options is our organic or eco friendly pest control. This service is the least invasive and the safest option for you family and pets. However, eco friendly or green pest control doesn’t work as quickly as our standard pest control. If you are trying to prevent pests from becoming a problem, this is an option for you. If you have an existing pest problem a standard extermination ,or a combination of the two, might be you best pest control solution.

Termite Control services Pass Christian

Termite Control Pass Christian

With several termite control products available, BugPro makes termite extermination easier and cheaper than most do it yourself (diy) termite control methods. We offer monthly or quarterly service options using our comprehensive bait system. Our liquid treatment option, such as Termidor, is a spray option used to kill termites.  We also offer organic termite control options to treat interior and exterior spaces. We utilize green, eco friendly products that will kill your pests, but not your guests. 

A liquid chemical barrier is applied around your home, giving you peace of mind that those pesky termites will be exterminated. This is called a Liquid Termite Treat or Termite Barrier.

Termite detection stations are placed around your home that detect termite activity. Once detected, a bait is introduced, exterminating those wood destroying termites. This is the least evasive, eco-friendly termite treatment. These detection stations are called termite bait stations.

Termite Pretreats are treatments required prior to construction of a new home that treat the ground under the slab.

A thorough inspection of your current or prospective home might be required by your bank or lending institution. This inspection is called a termite inspection or WDIR.

Mosquito Control Pass Christian

Are you having a problem with mosquitos, gnats, flys or no-see-ums in your yard? Can’t use your backyard for grilling, swimming or other family activities because the mosquitoes are eating you alive? We have a solution for you! We offer 2 different mosquito control option. Mosquito Misting System or manual misting- Automatic mosquito spray system that sprays your backyard or other area multiple times a day automatically to control those flying pests. This system works great and we have received excellent customer feedback on the systems we have installed.

BENEFITS OF USING BUGPRO: State Licensed and Bonded – General Liability and Workers Compensation – Locally owned and Operated

“BugPro is the way to go for all your Pest and Termite Control needs!”