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Known For Honesty & Lasting Results: BugPro 

The cheapest pest control companies are the biggest waste of money because they don’t solve the problem. Unfortunately many operators are willing to throw out cut-rate price quotes and agree to a type of inadequate service they know isn’t going to do the job.

That’s why customers we heard from praised the local, family-owned BugPro Pest & Termite Control serving New Orleans and the Gulf Coast honestly by telling customers the truth about what’s necessary rather than only what they want to hear. And that’s because BugPro owner  feels it’s more important to give customers honesty, and a job done right, than let them waste money on a treatment that doesn’t last.

Some companies want you to think that decades in business means they’re the best, when in fact, many don’t bother to keep up with continuing education and practice outdated methods that fail to solve your problem. One example is for termites, where some companies are using a repellant which they can just go around, instead of a non-repellant that they take back to the colony.   BugPro owner shares, “We’ve been called out to solve termite problems that other companies didn’t fix because they were using outdated methods. We stay current with the state classes so we’re always aware of the latest industry developments, latest products, and breakthroughs in procedure.”

Other companies are willing to tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to get the job, like that they’ll spray once for roaches, and make no changes to the environment for a dirt cheap price. But in fact roaches almost always need more than a single treatment as well as addressing the problem that led to them in the first place. Unlike those other companies, BugPro and owner are honest with their customers from the outset.

Joel explains, “Not only do we treat, but we also show the customer the changes they’ll have to make to keep the problem from returning, like cleaning out old boxes and not letting dishes sit in the sink for days.  For customers at risk for a reinfestation due to the things they bring into the house that roaches might be hiding in, we can arrange monthly and then quarterly treatment that keeps their place clean in a way that’s also very affordable.  We have never not been able to get rid of roaches even though other companies tried first and many times customers have told us we’re the first ones to really get rid of them.”  The more complete and more honest approach of BugPro yields better results that has kept customers happy with periodic treatment like one named Michelle who reported to us about BugPro, “Regarding BugPro, I have used BugPro for a little over four years and I’ve been very happy with their service.”

Consumers we heard from also praised BugPro for their responsiveness, like one named Roy who told us, “In reference to BugPro, I’ve been using them for a little over a year, and I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve had ants at my house within 30 days of treating but that’s not uncommon in this area, and when I call them I get a quick response. They’re usually here in a day or two. If I need anything done I just tell him and he gets it done, so I’m completely satisfied with them.

That kind of responsiveness and courtesy also extends to the appointments. BugPro owner Joel Lee explains, “We strive to give our customers exact-time scheduling. We can actually schedule to arrive at 4pm on a Tuesday, so they don’t have to sit around all day like with other companies that only commit to come out anytime between 12 and 5pm.  We do that because we respect our customers, their lives, and their time.”

Green-alternatives are also an option for customers at BugPro, based on a strong personal commitment by owner Joel Lee. He tells us, “Back when I was merely a customer and not a company owner, a company came out to spray and I had an infant at that time.  They started spraying the ground that our child was often crawling on and I stopped them. Because of that realization at BugPro we developed an eco-friendly hybrid approach were we can use conventional products on the exterior, and eco-friendly inside which are often based on the same kind of things that are in eyewashes. Customers with sensitive pets like parakeets and other birds are especially grateful for that.”

Customers we heard from in our research appreciated this, like the customer Roy who told us about BugPro, “When they do the inside of their house they make sure that the chemicals they use have no adverse effect on you. I have a heart condition so they’re very particular of what they put in here.”

Local Company Run By Local Born and Raised Owner 

BugPro owner lives in Diamondhead with his wife (Lafayette) and three children. He’s a Gulf Coast native, born and raised here where his extended family still lives. BugPro keeps him very busy but when he can find the time he enjoys saltwater fishing offshore, and golfing at the local courses on the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Friends describe the owner as a family-man whose commitment to his wife and children is as obvious as the one to his business. Customers of BugPro say he is professional, and dedicated to solving their problems.

So it was consumers who attested to us that BugPro and owner are the company to hire due to the better value they get from honest job quotes, a dedication to lasting results, greater responsiveness, and eco-friendly options.  One consumer named Karlene who reported to us about BugPro summed it up well when she told us, “I was very satisfied with BugPro. They inspect every quarter and make sure there’s not any termites coming through. And he does all the pests too. I have a 3,600 square foot home so it takes them a little bit of time but they go through, they knock down spider webs in the garage. He’s very good and very complete. They’re very professional and courteous as well and if I had to reschedule an appointment they were very cordial about changing. And for the cost it’s very reasonable. I highly recommend BugPro.”