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Termite Control Bay St Louis

BugPro Bay St Louis office specializes in Termite Control in the Hancock County area. We are locally owned from Diamondhead and operated in Bay St Louis. These areas include: Bay St Louis – Diamondhead – Kiln – Pearlington – Pearl River – Lakeshore – Waveland . We service many other areas which can be located on our home page.

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Termite Liquid Treat – A liquid chemical barrier is applied around your home, giving you peace of mind that those pesky termites will be exterminated.

Termite Bait Stations – Termite detection stations are placed around your home that detect termite activity. Once detected, a bait is introduced, exterminating those wood destroying termites. This is the least evasive, eco-friendly termite treatment. A liquid termite treatment is available with this service also.

Termite Pretreats – This treatment is required prior to construction of a new home.

Termite Inspections – A thorough inspection of your current or prospective home is provided to you and your lending institution. We provide state WDIR inspections.

Annual Renewals– An annual inspection that provides you with a 1 year warranty on your termite treatment.

With several termite control products available, BugPro makes termite extermination easier and cheaper than most do it yourself (diy) termite control methods. We offer monthly or quarterly service options using our comprehensive bait system. Our liquid treatment option, such as Termidor, Dominion, Fipronil, and Imidacloprid is a spray option used to kill termites by treating soil around your home.  We also offer organic termite control options to treat interior and exterior spaces. We utilize green, eco friendly products that will kill your pests, but not your guests. 

Difference between Ants and Termites

See swarming Termites? Heres the difference between ants and termites. We have 2 common types of subterranean termites here in this area. The above is an Eastern Native Subterranean. The Formosan Termite is a blackish brown to orange color.

Termites Diamondhead

Termite Damage in Diamondhead caused by water leak and improper treatment by another company. BugPro performed complete treatment and repaired damage. Happy Customer!