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Roach Extermination

We offer multiple pest control methods for roach control. You could have a minor roach problem to a major infestation and we can help. We service the New Orleans – Slidell – Chalmette – Northshore – Gulfport – Bay St. Louis – Biloxi – Ocean Springs – Diamondhead areas. Call today for a free quote.


German Cockroach
An adult German roach is medium brown with two distinctive dark stripes on it’s head, and is approximately 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch long. German roaches prefer tight spaces, such as behind walls, under refrigerators, in the hinges of cabinet doors, and even inside appliances. These roaches thrive near bacteria-laden moisture and feed off of trash. They have been known to carry numerous pathogens and they spread disease and are a cause of allergies. Keeping surfaces clean of food and grease is an essential step to preventing an infestation of German roaches.


American Cockroach
American roaches are the largest of the common cockroaches, and considered one of the fastest moving. They can grown up to 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. The droppings of the American roach are often confused with mouse droppings and are found near areas of infestation. American roaches live in moist and dry areas, so long as they have access to water they can survive. Typically, these roaches live in basements, foundations, and crawl spaces, and may move inside a home during cold weather. Prevention for the American roach also comes in the form of sanitation. Ensure that food scraps and grease are cleaned up to remove the food source.


Smokey Brown Cockroach
Smokey Brown roaches are typically found outside, but can cause an infestation inside. These are very large roaches that range in size from 1 1/4 to 2 inches. These roaches prefer warm, moist areas and primarily feed on vegetation. However, if they infest your home they will feed on anything available, including human food and can also damage paper goods and clothing. Like all roaches, Smokey Brown roaches can easily contaminate food and surfaces. Prevention includes sanitation, and also reducing clutter, as clutter can provide areas of high humidity for them.