The termites are coming! The termites are coming!

termite nests

And yes, we mean to alarm you. Although we don’t know an exact day, the termites will begin swarming soon, and they’re looking for new homes. The early springs starts the beginning of their “hunting season,” and this is typically what reminds us that we need to get our homes in shape to prepare.

“Termites are looking for a place to breed and build new colonies,” says Bug Pro Pest Control Professional Joel. “They are ruthless and cause as much damage as house fires in this region. Oftentimes, people are not prepared for the damage, and proper insurance may not be in place.”

The best thing that you can do is protect your home before termites become an issue. Learning the risk factors is important, but more importantly, you must contact pest control professionals who can assess the property and explain your risk factors. They will also plan preventative measures that will help keep your home termite free.

While we can physically see the swarms and that seems to be what alarms us most, we should actually be more afraid of those that have been hiding in the walls for years, doing damage that we can’t see or feel – until it’s too late.

Either way, you need an experienced pest control professional to inspect your home for termites – and for places where termites might like to make a home. Typically, laypeople cannot ensure they have thoroughly inspected their property for risk factors as they are often difficult to find. If wood is damp or there are hairline cracks, these are open invitations, but there are other factors that contribute to termite infestation as well. The home or building doesn’t have to be old or abandoned; termites seek out all types of wood and can continuously eat, never satisfied with the meal.

The bottom line is that, just like when you are sick and you need a doctor, you need a professional for the peace of mind in protecting your home.