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Black Widow
Female black widow spiders are black and have a red hourglass-shaped mark on the underside of the abdomen. These spiders grow to be about 1/2″ in length and are usually found in woodpiles, boxes, under eaves, and other secluded areas. Black widows are timid spiders, typically only biting a human when they are disturbed.  They are also nocturnal and spend most of the daylight inside their webs which are uneven and appear to be tangled. Victims of a black widow spider generally recover with a few days. The bite is only fatal about 5% of the time, but it causes chills, vomiting, abdominal cramps, partial paralysis, and spasms. Children and the elderly are at the greatest risk of death from a black widow bite. Gloves should be worn, and caution exercised when working around areas where black widows might be living.


Brown Recluse
The brown recluse spider usually grows to be 1/4″ to 3/4″ and can be yellowish, dark brown, dark gray. Also called the violin spider, they get their nickname due to the violin-shaped marking they have that points to the rear of the spider. Brown recluse spiders weave a small, irregular web and often live in wood piles, garages, and closets, anywhere they can remain undisturbed and dry. They can also find their way inside of shoes and piles of clothes. A bite from a brown recluse is serious. The venom causes tissue death and produces severe lesions. Bite victims may experience nausea, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, as well as a rash. Suspected bites should be medically evaluated. Exercise caution when working around areas where brown recluse spiders may be living.

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