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Pest and Termite Control New Orleans

Having a problem with Pests or Termites in New Orleans? Need a reputable, locally owned and operated Pest Control Company? Then BugPro Pest Control New Orleans is your company of choice. We exterminate Ants, Roaches, Bed Bugs, Termites, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Fleas and many more pests on a daily basis. We are licensed in the state of Louisiana and our techs are state certified. We serve the Greater New Orleans area.


Pest Control New Orleans

Dead Roach New Orleans

Pest Control Services in Greater New Orleans: Our Pest Control services start at $69.00 for basic services on a small space and go up from there. Specialty pest control like a roach infestation, swarming bees, flea problem or a bed bug problem will cost more. We offer free estimates for our services. Our Pest Control service is monthly, quarterly, or as frequently as needed. Typically a flea treatment will require two visits. We have eco friendly options as well. Consider a Mosquito Misting system or a one time mist or fog if you are having a problem with mosquitoes, gnats, no see-ums, or other flying insects.

Termite Control New Orleans

Termite Spider carton nest found in New Orleans

Termite Control in Greater New Orleans: We are extensively trained and experienced in Termite Control. We offer spot treatments, liquid termite treatments, drywood termite treatments, termite inspections, WDIR closings (real estate closings), and termite pretreats. Crawlspace treatments for termites are common in New Orleans area. These tight spaces under your home are where we usually find the termite activity. Formosan and Eastern Native Subterranean Termites love these moisture ridden areas. We offer comprehensive liquid treatments, foam injection, borate treatments, moisture barriers, crawlspace soil build-up, and liquid termiticide injections in these areas.


Mosquito Control New Orleans

Mosquito Control New Orleans

  • ┬áMisting Systems
  • Mosquito Baiting
  • Yard Misting
  • Yard Fogging
  • General Pest Control
  • Ground Treatment
  • Mosquito Light Traps
  • Mosquito Glue Traps
  • Also offer Fruit Fly – Drain Fly control

So whether your anywhere in the New Orleans area and looking for a reputable pest control company…..look no further!


BENEFITS OF USING BUGPRO: State Licensed and Bonded – General Liability and Workers Compensation – Locally owned and Operated


“BugPro is the way to go for all your Pest and Termite Control needs!”