It’s getting warmer … termite control essential

termite nests

 termite nests

April has given us beautiful weather here in the South. The cooler temperatures at night are helping keep our spring days a lot more tolerable. As we move into hotter temperatures, we know our little six-legged friends are moving into position for residency and reproduction.

We at BugPro can’t stress enough the importance for pest control in the New Orleans area. The wet and humid air is the perfect home for termites, mosquitoes and other critters. While it is the perfect place for human visitors, bugs love to visit as well – and they stay.

As we keep warning, the termites are readying their life cycle for the swarming season when they search for a new place to raise a family. While it may sound tongue-in-cheek, we couldn’t be more serious. The swarms make us panic during the springtime, but it’s the rest of the life cycle that we need to fear.

It’s the termites we can’t see that are the most concerning. If one of these little disaster makers decides your home or business is its perfect environment, it can silently begin destroying the insides of the wall – only to be noticed when tens of thousands of dollars of damage has been done.

“We’ve been in homes that termites have destroyed,” says Bug Pro Joel Lee. “It’s devastating to the family financially, and at the very least, disruptive to daily living.”

Lee says that homes often have to be evacuated for termite removal and rebuilding. It’s not just about the cost financially, but the complete displacement of the homeowners.

Compared to rebuilding, termite inspection and termite control is a drop in the bucket. It’s also fast and gives families peace of mind. Call BugPro today to set up your inspection to ensure your family will be safe during the swarming season and beyond.