Early spring makes a nice environment for bugs

Insects love warm weather. They thrive in it. And we’re getting hot early in 2017.

The news is already reporting that Zika Virus or West Nile Virus may return this year, and this is not calming the nerves of viewers who are having flashbacks to olympians refusing to participate in the Brazil or that pregnant women should be especially cautious. While we are no strangers to the news and often numb to the annual warnings that we should wear bug spray and tip out standing water, it is still important to remain vigilant to protect both home and family.

Oftentimes, mosquitos are the first insects on our minds when we are thinking about pest control. The trucks drive by misting ditches and neighborhoods. The reason we think about mosquitos is because they are the most in our faces – literally. Plus, they hurt, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been bitten. It still hurts.

The truth is that while mosquitos are definitely pests we could all live without, other insects carry disease as well. Our furry family members bring fleas and ticks to set up house in our homes, and there’s no way we’ll get rid of our beloved pets.

So, what should you do? You can’t necessarily live in a bubble. And your children still need to go outside (even fur babies).

It is important that each and every one of us wear bug repellant when outdoors. Not only do bug bites hurt, but they also can lead to illnesses known as bug-borne illnesses. Some of these viruses can lead to weeks or months of weakness, confusion or ill feeling in general. And that’s just for the lucky people. Others can experience lifelong challenges related to the illness, and some do not recover.

Protect yourself and your family this spring. Wear your bug spray, and call Bug Pro to help with pest control issues. We get the job done right.