Termite Control Slidell

Termites are still active in Slidell. We are lucky to have found these tunnels upon inspection before they ate the whole house. These guys were exterminated and the house was liquid treated. This tunnel was 6″ wide total!

Pest Control Metairie

We are happy to announce the we are now offering all of the following services in Metairie: Pest Control, Roach Control, Termite Control, Ant Control, Bed Bug extermination and much more. Please contact us at 504-613-6611.  

Termites Still Active in Gulfport

We are still finding active Formosan and Eastern Subterranean Termites from Gulfport to Kenner. Many new cases have been found during inspections in the last 30 days in the following areas: Gulfport, Kenner, Slidell, Ocean Springs. If you live in these areas and are not protected, call us today for a free inspection.

Termite damage found and treated Ocean Springs, MS

You may have termites in your home if you see any of the following: Tunnels running up the outside of the house Swarmers Holes or damage in wall that looks like dirt is around or covering the hole If you have any of these indications, call Bug Pro immediately!