Bay St. Louis attractive home for termites

Termite Nests

Let’s face it: insects love moisture. This isn’t news, but it makes our homes near the Bay St. Louis water especially susceptible for housing not only our families, but also families of termites, mosquitoes and ants that just adore our coastline.

Just a couple of short years ago, the Gulf Coast had a termite issue – a big one. Swarms of termites were making their way into homes and at the very least, scaring the pants off homeowners all along the beaches and for miles inland.

And termites aren’t the only insect issue in Bay St. Louis. Mississippi has seen its fair share of Zika virus cases already, and with the dreaded West Nile virus still lurking, it’s important for all of us to ensure our bugs are kept at bay.

Bug Pro has solutions for mosquitos, termites and any other six (or eight) legged creature that might decide your home is perfect for its family.

There’s no need for us to scare our neighbors. You’ve already seen the reports that list the health risks of these bug borne illnesses. We’re here to offer solutions, and we can do it with a free inspection that offers a list of solutions for your specific needs. We were here when the termites swarmed in, and we fought them off. We know the mosquitos, and we’re not afraid of them either.

Our team will examine your house outside and inside to see what lurks beneath the surface. We will identify risky areas and make suggestions on what you can do to help yourself while we are treating your home’s problem areas.

The inspection is free, and you will be left with peace of mind and the knowhow to protect your home and family. While your immediate thought with insects may be the damage to your home, we all know that there are bigger and much more important issues of late that have been hitting pretty close to that home.

It’s your family. Your home. But your bugs are our business. Call Bug Pro.